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      ONEOK Indigenous/Native American Peoples Engagement Commitment

      ONEOK recognizes the diversity of Indigenous/Native American Peoples and is committed to creating and sustaining respectful relationships with Indigenous/Native American Peoples in areas where we conduct business. We are dedicated to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, carefully considering potential impacts of business operations on local communities and natural and cultural resources.

      The cooperative nature of engagement with Indigenous/Native American Peoples in business and community projects aligns closely with ONEOK’s core values – Ethics, Quality, Diversity, Value, and Service – which guide our actions towards achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for all our stakeholders. 

      Where necessary and applicable, ONEOK will facilitate external engagement according to the following practices:

      • Acknowledging that mutual trust and respect are fundamental to transparent communication.
      • Recognizing Indigenous/Native American Peoples and their communities may be affected by our existing operations and future project footprints.
      • Committing to good faith engagement and communication through collaborative relationships.